SA Valorant Servers Finally Arrive.

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author image by Gank Chief | 0 Comments | September 1, 2023

South African gamers have not been able to fully enjoy many of the world’s most popular game titles because of the 150 to 200 ping that we often experience and regularly complain about. This has undoubtedly had in impact on many gamers’ ability to showcase their skils, improve those skills and as a consequence, has most certainly impacted on our ongoing lack of a sustainable professional gaming segment!

Well roll out the energy drinhks and chips because the wait is finally over – at least for VALORANT Gamers! Yesterday, Riot Games eventually turned on the local servers – situated in Cape Town – with the commitment being to offer a much improved VALORANT gaming experience. These servers form part of the EU shard and SA gamers will automatically connect to this server unless of course they prefer self-inflicted torture, they can still manulally select other servers to game on.

That is the good news. The not-so-good news is that SA does not have a Premier zone as yet, meaning that gamers will still need to select from one of the four main Premier regions in the EU. Let’s hope this is part of phase 2.

To celebrate this phenomenal event, Riot Games’ partner – Carry1st – will host a number of events, both online and in-person, over the coming months commencing with Comic Con Africa at the end of September in Johannesburg.

Lower ping means less frustration.
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