Will Rainbow Six Mobile Build on its Legacy?

 Gank News
author image by Gank Chief | 0 Comments | September 11, 2023

The first iteration of Rainbow Six hit our PC screens back in 1998. It later expanded from Microsoft Windows to Nintendo 64, Playstation and MacOS to name a few of the platforms and now, we eagerly await its arrival on our mobile phones.

Development of the Rainbow Six Mobile game was first announced by Ubisoft back in April 2022 and since then there have been more than 17 million pre-registrations on Android alone.

As one of the most popular and lucrative mobile gaming genres, FPS could soon see a new competitor to the likes of Call of Duty: Mobile (over $3 billion in revenue) and PUBG Mobile (over $10 billion in revenue). The heritage of the Rainbow Six brand outweighs that of both Call of Duty (first released in 2003) and PUBG (first released in 2017) and should by rights have a strong brand following, albiet, a much older gaming audience. Let’s hope that Ubisoft’s first AAA mobile game delivers – for our sake and for its legacy!

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